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History & Tiffany – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time

History & Tiffany

“Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of trees.” ~ Thomas Stonewall Jackson

How can you not enter into a place that has a sign touting three Tiffany stained glass windows?

Fredericks burg St Georges2

As I breezed through Fredericksburg, VA at 8:00 in the morning to grab a cup of tea and a danish,  I encountered two signs. They enticed me to poke my head in to St. George’s Episcopal Church. Once inside, I spoke with a very knowledgeable docent who shared with me her knowledge of a critical time in our nation’s history – the Civil War.

The sun was shining so brightly through the stained glass windows, I was unable to get good clear pictures.  But, the three Tiffany stained glass windows were very distinguishable from the rest in the church due to their stunning opalescence.The images below share what else I was seeing in the historic place of worship.Fredericksburg 5

Fredericksburg 6

In a church finder guide, I was surprised to see there are more than 50 houses of worship in this town of approximately 28,000 people. Pressed for time,  I saw only the most centrally located, including the United Methodist (also a lovely place of worship) and the Presbyterian Church which still has a cannonball embedded in the structure. Sadly, the Presbyterian Church is now being converted into a bank building.

I took a little more time to see the historic town which played a significant part in the Civil War. The crossing of the Rappahanook River, which runs through the city is where a significant battle took place in Fredericksburg. If you are in the area of Fredericksburg, VA tonight there is an upcoming lecture on August 3rd about St. Georges Episcopal Church and the Civil War. It’ s bound to be very educational.

Fredericksburg, VA was wonderful respite along way in the heartlands of America’s main streets.

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