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Heightened Seasonal Awareness – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Close Up Of A Cluster Of Bleeding Hearts Growing In The Spring.Dicentra Spectabilis In The Garden

Heightened Seasonal Awareness

It’s days like this that I never want summer to end. I’m celebrating each cerculean blue sky.  High humidity or not, the long bright, hot days couldn’t be more welcomed. Every early morning walk comes at a brisk pace because I am so happy to still be walking in good health after all these decades. Some my age aren’t quite so fortunate.

Always on the lookout for small treasures, sometimes I am slowed when I stop to pick up natures tokens left along the path. Like some weeks ago, when the mimosa trees were in bloom, I became as enamored by the pink fluffy flowers that had fallen from the tree as I was in my childhood.

When I found a tangle of honeysuckle growing along the side of the road I had to stop and experience. The first small droplet of nectar on my tongue took me immediately back to the neighborhood where I grew up and the kids I used to play with.

Then there’s the wild raspberries bushes. I’ll risk getting stained hands and scratched arms from the pesky thorns any day just to be able to pop those berry-licious fruits in my mouth.

In the evenings, just watching the flight of the lightning bug (aka fire flies) brings great delight. Do you have them where you are?

In the gardens, be alert! This time of year there is a new masterpiece to behold each and every day. I think God created summer just to remind us to be full alive to his glory. There are only so many summers that come in one’s life, so enjoy!

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  1. One of the greatest gifts given to me by my parents was the appreciation for nature! We lived our life outdoors throughout the year. It always brings me joy no matter the season. Summer’s abundance is incredible but even during the winter there is still so much to appreciate !

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