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Heartwarming Reception

“Anytime women come together with collective intention, it is a powerful thing. ~ Phylicia Rashad

“What do you need me to handle for my book signing?” I asked through an email to the group of women who own Sew Steamboat.

“Nothing!  Just show up with your favorite pen and a box of books.”

“Alrighty, then” I replied, “but, of course I will do my part to promote it.”

On February 10th, the first day of Winter Carnival in the city of Steamboat, I did as instructed. I showed up, pen in hand. The reception I received upon stepping in the doors to the sewing shop warmed my heart. A beautiful book signing table had been set up, appropriate to the occasion and people were already gathering.

For the patrons of the store and for those who had come for the signing, book talk  about “What’s at the Heart of the Story” was presented. Later, once again, to the Sit and Stitch group who gather upstairs every Friday, late afternoon.

Today, I’d like extend my gratitude to the women of Sew Steamboat for all they did to make my day so special. Here are some pictures of the venue.

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