Lemonade Stand

Healthy Libations

As summer winds down I am thinking about a narrative I posted on  AllThingsFulfilling.com a few years ago about one of the most vivid memories of my young childhood. It involved setting up a lemonade stand with my twin sister and our cousin Meg far, far off the beaten path. Our sales were disappointing to say the least yet my recall of that day holds great value in my life.

I ponder could it be I understood as a young child when life leaves you feeling depleted people and relationships are what’s best found at the well? I wonder.  My memory of selling libations out on a desolate country road  is such a standout perhaps I knew what was in the till at the end of the day wasn’t what was important.  Time spent together was the treasure to remember.

Now as an adult I can vocally express how my cousin is a very special lady and what she means to me. If I were to mix up a batch of homemade lemonade to sell, her personal qualities would go it in!

Recipe for Healthy Living Lemonade

  • Loyalty to others beyond compare.
  • Sage wisdom learned through life experiences.
  • Rich compassion and deep empathy for others.
  • The ability to see good qualities in all people.
  • Clearly assesses sour situations and finds the sweet side to them.

Whenever I spend time with my cousin it’s always life quenching because above all ~

It’s all in her nature!

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