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Health and Happiness – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Health and Happiness

Hobbies….”What you feed in yourself that grows.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Word! thought Moxie, as she sat watching the old school movie. I can’t believe Miss Eunice wanted me to watch such an ancient film. And she remembered how to rig up her old movie machine or projector, as she called it. She sure dug deep to find it in the attic. Hard to believe it’s functional it’s so covered with dust.

Hmmm…Moxie thought. I wonder what the message behind her madness was this time?

Was she trying to tell me I’m all bound up in stitches? Well, thought Moxie, the dear lady, she’s all bound up in chocolate!

What’s a gal to do? The one who got me all wrapped up in this gig is now encouraging me to let it go occassionally so I don’t unravel at the seams again. Perhaps she was trying to tell me in a round-about-way don’t forget to get a life.

I already have one, thank you! Moxie thought, It may be far from perfect but it’s a life.

For more insight into Moxie, the central character in Sue Leonard’s new publication, visit this site. This blog is brought to you by award-winning author of Sew the Heart, Sue Batton Leonard.


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