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What a gift to have someone walk the walk with us when things get difficult whether it’s a friend, neighbor, co-worker, pastor or family member.

Let’s look reality in the face.  If we could go through a lifetime untouched by some sort of heavy burden we simply wouldn’t be human beings. Like it or not, death, illness and complicated relationships are all part of the messiness of life. Having a willing and listening ear helps carry the load.

Today on, I’d like to share this letter written by a youngster who already seems to have a deep understanding what sowing seeds of friendship is all about.

Thank you for visiting Do come again. It’s a space where we share stories in the common interest of putting the spotlight on growing a more kind and gentle world for a more fulfilling existence.






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  1. Very touching! That little girl will remember this day and the kind girl throughout her lifetime and may even be a defining moment for them all.
    Thanks for sharing, there is alot of good in the world despite all the bad that is constantly being thrown around.

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