Light A Wonderful Catalyst

Going Beyond the Comfort Zone

“Be true to your heart…put your whole heart and soul into it, it will shine through.” ~ Jamie Brewer

I love it when I meet people who from the moment I encounter them I know they’ll bring a ray of sunshine into my life. You probably know what I’m talking about because you’ve probably had at least one person who has inspired you by the way they go about doing life. It’s a blessing because it’s pleasurable spending time with them.  Observing the positive energy of other people is a wonderful motivator.

I like watching 1 or 2 minute videos from my daughter-in-law’s dance studio . Those gals! They’ve found their happy place. Their hot-cha-cha is enough to get anyone pumped up. But for some of them getting started was probably difficult.  After I watch the videos, I always end up asking myself – Is there room for improvement in increasing my own positive energy level? Of course! There are always ways of stepping up the act.

Every so often I have to remind myself – my greatest achievements have come about by going beyond my comfort zone!











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