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Garden Guardians

“Talent is like a flower, you have to fully tend to it if you want something beautiful.” ~ Marinela Reka

We are all uniquely created. Using your natural abilities and tendencies what role would you most enjoy while tending a garden?

    • Planner – plots out the schematic.
    • Tiller – stirs up the dirt so good things can be planted.
    • Planter – sower of seeds.
    • Fertilizer –  feeds and nourishes for strength & endurance
    • Weeder –  eliminates pesky invaders
    • Pruner – controller who establishes boundaries
    • Harvester – gathers and brings in the bounty
    • Cleaner – when all is said and done, rakes out deadwood to ready for a new season.

No one task is no more important than the other. Understanding all roles and how each contributes to the whole is what makes for success.

Gardening is not your forte you say? Join us on Thursday you may enjoy the writing about A Tapestry of People. Same thread woven a little differently!

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