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Galaxy of Awesome


Lately I have been doing a little reading about botanicals from ancient times which still grow along highways and byways. Plants so old they were mentioned in the Bible and are known to have curative qualities.  How wondrous it is that some plants have lasted through the ages such as the Gingko biloba which dates back 270 million years.

And then, I think further about our incredible bodies that make new life possible! The female’s ability to conceive, carry a child, nourish it in the womb, give birth to it and continue to feed it once born, now that is that’s truely astounding!

In my eyes what is awesome are things in this Universe that could only be made by a higher being.

Yet we tend to attach the highly overused word “awesome” to so many things that really are frivilious, shallow and come nowhere close to being truly awesome.

Yep, I’ve got a pet peeve, folks! The overuse of the word “awesome” which I’ve been known to use haphazardly too. There are things in the galaxy that are truly “awesome” and we need to reserve the use of the word for things that are inconceivably miraculous. That way, the children we raise will genuinely understand when we say:

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