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Fountain of Thoughts

“What love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of the man.” ~Robert Green Ingersoll

Have you ever gotten so captivated by something that in order to be pulled out, someone needs to say “I’ll give you a penny for your thoughts?”

Books, art, walking and gardens are decidely what draws me the most. If I had to prioritize the list, it’d be impossible to set one above the other. In Washington, D.C. there is fertile stomping grounds for each.


Any American who has never been to the outstanding Washington, D.C. museums, doors open and free to visitors from around the world, is missing some of our most impressive national treasures. There is a well-spring of culture to be had in that Capitol City.




Walk with me today through these images so I can give you a little glimpse into what awaits visitors to our nation’s Capitol district this summer.

Below: Smithsonian


Below: Outside the National Botanic Gardens


Below: Outside the Arthur Sackler Art Museum



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