Faith Bigger Than Fear

For the Children

Although today’s blog may seem like an ordinary blog writing, I am posting it as a means of prayer. It’s been written at the request of Erica, for her ten year old daughter, Arianna.

Yesterday on my birthday, I went to get a haircut. Erica has been cutting my hair for about a year now. She does a terrific job and when I sit down in the chair, I don’t need to say much, I know I will be in good hands.

Yesterday when I went to pay for my haircut, Erica said to me,

“Will you say a prayer for my daughter she is having heart surgery on Friday.”

“Of course, what kind of procedure is it?

“Heart catheterization”

“What is her name?” I asked.


“Oh, what a pretty name, ” I truly meant it.

“How old is she? ”

“She’s ten.”

I wished Erica and Arianna all the best for a good outcome. Having just celebrated a birthday yesterday, I thought about all the people who had prayed for me and for my parents many, many decades ago when I was a seven year old having pioneering heart surgery. Had we not had the prayers of many supportive and loving people, I may never have made it to this landmark or even come close it it. Truly how blessed and grateful I am.

So, today, I’m reaching out to ask for prayers for Arianna and her mom Erica and for all people with little children who need prayers of the people.

If God teaches us to pray for any good thing, we may gather by implication the assurance that he means to give it.” ~ Charles Spurgeon


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