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Finding Light in Ordinary Life


” The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” ~  Psalms 130:119

I don’t know about you but I learn so much from reading and hearing the words of others. Since I’ve always been interested in human behavior I frequently tune-in to on-line to webinars and presentations. It’s a useful tool for life coaches, TED talk presenters, motivational speakers, clergy and others trying to get a message out and reach the masses. As we know, web-based communications can also have a downside if not used responsibly. Each of us have our own opinions and tolerance for what being responsible means.

Words of hope always find a home inside me simply because having hope is finding the light. So, I’m more likely to tune into a positive approach rather than negativity.

What a different existence it would be if we’d all work toward finding tranquility within ourselves.  As Mother Teresa once said, “If we judge people we have no time to love them.”

Join Me!

Write Mother Teresa’s words on your heart and try your best to live up to it.


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