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Fields of Posies to Muddy Roads – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Flower Lined Road

Fields of Posies to Muddy Roads

  • “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” – John Maxwell

Since 2001 America has had three major wake-up calls. The first was 9/11 – the fall of the Twin Towers. Then the 2008 economic recession and now the 2020 pandemic. But on any day of  the week individuals face other big life changing events which terminates or alters life as it’s been known.  Sometimes these events pull the carpet out from under us and suddenly rather than walking on a bed of roses we are on rocky or muddy terrain.  We are forced to examine ourselves, our families and our lifestyles and ask is this the way life should be?  We begin to examine our purpose and sometimes we even need to reinvent ourselves.

A week or two ago I listened in on a sermon given by the Accidental Country Pastor. Rev. Donna Frischnecht shared a glimpse into her own story of reinvention going from a New York fashion magazine editor to the Accidental Country Pastor. Today I share a link to Rev. Donna’s video because her story is relevant to what many people are grappling with – change and uncertainty. Her entire sermon is excellent but if your time is limited go to minute 19. That’s where she interjects her personal experience.

I hope you’ll listen in to her full sermon brought to you from Old Stone Well Farm in beautiful Rupert, Vermont. And we’d be pleased if you’d join us again on where heart felt stories are shared one at a time.

Thank you Rev. Donna for giving me permission to share this video. It was a pleasure to meet you last summer at Writing for Your Life at Drew University Theological School.


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