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Feeding the Spirit

Have you ever read something that piqued your interest because it just kind of spoke to you? Such is the case of today’s feature of Momma Mish’s Homemade Dishes.  I wanted to know more about the woman in the kitchen, Michele, and her recipe for “bringing people together in community ready to spread faith, love and fellowship” as stated on her company website.

Michele’s interest in food began as a youngster. She was introduced to hearty “scratch cooking” served up by her Polish and Italian grandmothers who found their joy in the kitchen. It was her home grown interest that made Michele to want to follow their examples.

For twenty-eight years Michele’s business was event catering. Now it includes a cafe and more. Her accreditations and credentials came through the Marriott Corporation kitchen.

An integral part of what she serves up comes directly from her heart. You see, she is also a Reverend, non-denominational. What she keeps at the forefront of her mission is catering to people of all different faiths and building fellowship between people through foodstuffs and spiritual nourishment.

Much of our conversation the day we spoke is how the Covid-19 virus has changed things for her in the way she runs her cafe and catering business. All catering events for the foreseeable future have been canceled. She asked God to lead her path forward. Well – the answer has come in making her business more visible than ever in a wider range of communities. New programs have been set up whereby individuals, companies and churches can sponsor meals to go to senior citizens, veterans and food insecure individuals or simply as a gesture of kindness for someone special! Seventy percent of meals going out of her kitchen are now gifted since WMAR TV caught her drift.

Although happy with the way God answered her prayer, she said “what she misses due to virus restrictions is the ability to take time to sit and visit with the elderly and veterans when she delivers their meals. It used to be all part of them feeling the extra loving attention.” And her open kitchen in the cafe was expressly “designed so she could find fellowship with her customers and visit while she’s cooking.” For now, only outside dining is permitted.

But rewards still come by way of thank you notes stating how delish the food was. The food brings “smiles to seniors faces who are so happy.” Perhaps because the food is reminiscent of recipes that came out of their own family’s kitchens when everything was homemade.

I encourage you to check out Momma Mish’s Homemade Dishes to learn more about her Senior Deliveries with Love and food sponsorship programs.

I’d like to commend Michele Love for the life-giving objectives behind her mission which goes to much greater depth than food prep!





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