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Faith Leanings

“Changing the world is an inside job.” ~Paul Babin

About four or five weeks ago I had a very meaningful phone conversation with one of my many nieces. She’s a deep thinking individual who continually explores her own spirituality.  I have much respect for her maturity in doing the inner work. She is a woman who wants to ignite change in herself and the world.

Even though our beliefs may be a bit different we find it easy to open up and discuss such matters. I enjoy that!

In the course of the conversation we were lamenting these challenging times and the limitations on gathering with family and friends. As we got ready to end the conversation I said to her something about keeping our chins up. “Sue,” she said,  “I can’t imagine going through these times without any faith, can you?”

“No, Devon, I can’t,” I said, “it’s what gets me through.”

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