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Expressions Noted


As I walk my neighborhood every morning I’ve continued to see more  signs of creativity appearing on doors, windows and sidewalks made by little children. Thumbs up to all the pictures of rainbows, hearts, crosses, sunshine and other positive indicators which bring smiles and encouragement.

Today,  I’d like to say thanks to Alaina for leaving her mark on the sidewalk. Artistry on Shamrock has been  noted.  Einstein once said “creativity is contagious so pass it on!


Speaking of contagion our Harbor Group community had a deck/porch decorating contest. Good time to do it during the pandemic when many people are home. I was feeling discouraged because the plants on the deck have been getting eaten up or carried off by Ravens and other birds building nests in the trees and rafters. But after thoughtful consideration I decided not to let that stop me. With or without blooming flowers a spring themed haven makes a pleasant place to hang out and write from.


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