Crystal Ball

Decade of Hope

“It may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”Maya Angelou

Here we are. It’s 2020! If you are like me and many others , back in 2008 we didn’t think we’d ever see the bright light of day again. There were people hurting everywhere from a free fall in the economic picture of our country.

Yet, a few weeks ago, on the first of twelve days leading up to Christmas, I awoke to a huge bright full moon visible from my window. To the right of it, I could see a stately church steeple lit by lunar light. What a beautiful sight. The moon was as full as my hopes for a new year and decade.

When I look back over the past ten years, there were many real shake ups and challenges to overcome. I’m not sure I would have made any necessary changes if it hadn’t been for those wake-up calls. I was forced to find a more creative approach to living and sow seeds in my own self-development, rather than just going through rote, meaningless motions giving little thought to the future. What emerged was something I never knew I had inside of me – a kernel of faith that has continued to grow as well as a whole new network of people who share many of the same interests and have served as mentors too!

By gosh, by golly, who in 2008 would have ever suspected becoming an award-winning author would be in my future. Certainly not me! But stepping out of the box of what I thought my life should be and trying something different, taking risks and partnering it with a strong dose of faith, I was moved in all sorts of unexpected fulfilling ways.

How about you? Are you hopeful for this new decade or skeptical of what is to come? Are you sowing any new seeds in your life? I’d love to hear from our readers!



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