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Dear Santa, Redux

Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us – a time when we can look back on the year that has passed and prepare for the year ahead. ~ David Cameron


Dear Santa,

As I look out through the frozen window glass I am thinking of letter I sent to the North Pole a few years back asking for your help with a publication I was writing.

In the correspondence I asked for a few things. I requested a big box of perseverance and patience – I got that! Large enough to see myself through my memoir project.

I asked for memories of my childhood so I could incorporate them into the story. Some came through clearly and others, a bit distorted like frozen window glass I am peering through.

So I could dig deep to remember the most meaningful times in my life a shovel was sorely needed. The shovel appeared, held up and didn’t disappoint me.

I wore out the thesaurus you gave to me a few years back. I referred to it so many times to get just the right words I needed, it’s all dog eared. Now I need the latest, greatest updated edition for my next publishing project.

That light bulb you sent me to illuminate my mind – well, it’s all burnt out. I’ll need another one of those too. I think to myself “Maybe Santa will bring it when he and his reindeers drop off the new thesaurus.”

I asked you to send smart people my way to help me with the skillsets where I was lacking. Well, they arrived when they were needed and they were just plain terrific.

The editor was given a very difficult task with Fanny’s unique and eloquent language. But, the editor hitched up her breeches and lived up to the task.

The graphic designer for my book cover created something I was thrilled with.

And as for the sound technician and the audio book producer, they were superb. Without them, an award-winning audio book may not have happened.

This Christmas, I’d just like to say thank you, Santa, for your all help. As I look back in retrospect, I realize my dreams have come true. Fanny and I have even won three book awards. I can hear my beloved Fanny now. “Lord a Mercy, I didn’t know y’alls were gonna put me in a book. Dis is more den I coulda ever expected!”

This Christmas as Fanny would have suggested, I will leave you and your reindeer champagne glasses full of “da bestest water” as a thank you.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Cheers!



Author’s Note:   I’ve posted this as my fellow writers celebrate  the annual Steamboat Writers Group holiday party on Friday. I read this “Dear Santa” letter, as well as another, some years back when I was new to the group.

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