Life Is Better In Comunity

Community Devotion

A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning I arrived at church early as usual.As a person who loves church music, I intentionally arrive early so I can hear the choir practicing. A once around the verses of a song during the sermon is never enough for me.

The lady who always sits beside me at church is a faithful member of the choir. She is as dependable as the seasons at coming to church weekly. Her name is Sue, too, and I wondered where she was that morning.

During a break between the songs the choir was practicing, Sue’s fellow choir members mentioned they were concerned she hadn’t shown. Since there were only a few of us in the church, I stated my worry out loud too. She usually states ahead of time if she will not be coming to church next week.  A choir member made a call to Sue to check up on her well-being and reported back she was fine. She’d forgotten to set her alarm clock. We all felt relief.

For me, being involved with a community of caring people is what church is all about! Yes, I enjoy listening to the music, hearing Bible stories and all the rest, but it’s the relationships that are formed is what really matters. In a time when so many people feel isolated, places like churches, which is a form of a community center, can fulfill a need. We don’t necessarily think about churches in this context but really they are like meet-up groups of individuals who share a weekly meal of ideas about life, their own relationship with a higher being and the nature of things.

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