Kaliedascope Of Color

Colorful Entrance

Joy is the feeling of grinning on the inside. ~ Dr. Melba Colgrove

kaliedascope of color

Before I even stepped inside, I was prattling!

“I should have known I’d be met by a riot color outside,” I said to Jackie as she came out the door of her fabric arts studio to greet me. I took a few more moments to enjoy the sight of her fabulous flower gardens.

“Come in!” she said.  Once inside, my prattling continued.  She probably thought I was a little batty and I was. Crazy about all I was seeing. It was fabulous! Whimsey, color and design mixed with a few wonderful paintings which enlarged the kaliedoscope before my eyes. Everywhere I looked – more creativity. My exclamations grew more excited (and probably more animated!) as I discovered something else I hadn’t seen when I initially walked in.  All a wonderful spectrum of eye candy for the appreciator of all things vibrant, stitched and sewn.

By the time I left Jackie’s studio, I felt as if I had fallen inside a paint pot of every color under the sun. My heart was fired up with inspiration.

color your life

If you want to see what started the thread of this blog writing, visit my previous blog writing called Simple Summer Pleasures.  Stay tuned I might show you images on Sow the Heart of what I submitted to the county fair or some  spectacular prize winning entries from the ladies of the Delectible Mountain Quilters Guild.

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