Threads And Joy

Collective Sowing

You can’t harvest big ideas unless you sow the right seeds.” -Rowan Gibson

My sisters-in-sewing from Delectable Quilters Guild and I have been spending time getting ready for Art in the Park in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Spending time with my Brother has been fulfilling. Each of us quilt members have been putting our collective talents together artfully sewing products that will comprise a boutique designed to raise money for the Quilt Guild.

Here’s just a few things I’ve stitched to contribute to Arts in the Park sponsored by the Steamboat Arts Council the weekend of  July 8th and 9th. My little handcrafted hearts are gifts to remind someone they are loved and thought of! Each is unique and like people, no two are alike!

Art in the Park

All of the Delectible Mountain Quilt Guild fiber arts items sold at the boutique booth are sewn with individual artistic creativity and vision.

Have a heart! Stop by the Delectable Mountain Quilters Guild booth. Any money raised brings educational  opportunity for sewers and quilters who are eager to advance their knowledge and skills.


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