From The Pulpit

Coffee and Pulpit Talk from the Garden

                    And the fruits will outdo what the flowers have promised.

~Francois de Malherbe

A few weeks back I volunteered at Ladew Topiary Gardens for a private event for families. It was hosted by an organization called Pathfinders for Autism. As I strolled the gardens on the lookout for families who needed assistance or had questions, I saw a species of flower which looked like a giant leafed trillium. Yet, I didn’t remember ever seeing fruit on trillium after it’s bloom. I asked another volunteer what the species was and he said Jack in the Pulpit. Duh, I thought, why didn’t I recognize it?

Throughout my childhood we’d seen massive amounts of flowering jack in the pulpit in the woods surrounding our home. My father was always preaching the names of wildflowers to us kids, so why didn’t I know it’s appearance after the bloom with fruit?

I guess what it boils down to is as a child I was not interested in pulpits or wildflowers of any kind. Such as when my dad used to bring to our attention the blooming chickory and tell us year after year about how you can brew coffee from the roots of it. As an adult I think that’s a pretty neat thing not just because its a pretty flower but because of the healing properties of this one ingredient java. It’s a prebiotic!

(above photo – chickory in bloom)

Now that I have cultivated decades of wisdom I’ve come to realize many of the things my parents used to preach are now my interests and have become deeply embedded in my soul. Life is startling, isn’t it?

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