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Clearing the Way – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Clearing the Way

If you read my first two blog posts in this series about my travels on Pentecost Sunday, welcome back! If not, get caught up by going back to the previous blogs called Front Porch Scenery and Amish Highways and Byways.


New Holland, Pennsylvania, here I come!

My next stop on Pentacost Sunday came at the suggestion of a few women I’d spent time with a few weeks back volunteering at Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, Maryland. While folding letters and stuffing envelopes we discussed places of interest in Lancaster County,  Pennsylvania. One of the women asked if I had ever been to gardens of The Peaceful Healing Journey. No, I had not. “Oh, you must go, you’ll enjoy it,” they said.

What I found was just what was needed. An appropriate place to stop, sit, take a respite, sow some thoughts and then clear the way for the upcoming week of two writers conferences for authors writing the spirit.

The beautiful gardens were situated on a scenic back road in Lancaster County amid hundreds of acres of cornfields and fertile farm land. In the gardens were rocks carved with some of the most  revered biblical quotes, peaceful flowing water, a well, gazebos, prayer huts, a small, three or four pew chapel and a place reminding all to bury hurts and sorrows. A few other outbuildings with digital displays and literature explained more about the non-profit that runs the healing gardens.

Just as I was leaving the premises, I was thinking what a fulfilling day I’d had. I felt peaceful having buried my regrets wishing only I hadn’t been bold enough to capture photos of the Amish walking to church in a group down the middle of road in Bird in Hand, and the children riding their bikes to worship.

It was time to head to the area of Center Valley, Pennsylvania, a place close to my son’s heart, near where I’d be staying throughout the week of the writing conferences. Look what slowly passed by me at the crossroads of the driveway of The Peaceful Garden and Shirk Road. It confirmed the thought “if you seek, you shall find.”

There are many images of the healing gardens and lots of information on the organization that maintains it on their website.

Do return to in a few days time. I’ll be posting a little about my time at the two writers conferences.

“A great deal of what we see is what we are looking for.” ~ Amish saying

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