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My husband and I were asked to participate in our son’s wedding this past weekend. He and his wife asked us to select a reading for the ceremony. In pouring over different types of literature, I came across a simple poem about life. I liked it’s straightforward message because in my  opinion, we tend to complicate life more than it already is. In keeping in tune with ourselves and the world, simplicity helps keep the balance. Today, on Sow the Heart I’d like to share these words from another author.

By Michael Sage

Life is like a river, constantly flowing,
Life is like a tree, constantly growing.

Life is like the desert, constantly changing,
Life is like the oceans, constantly re-arranging,

Life is accepting, both others and yourself,
Life is understanding, and believing in oneself,

Life is committing, and doing the best you can,
Life is believing, and being your own very best fan.

Life is for loving, and also for caring,
Life is for helping, and giving and sharing.

Life is the seeds that you plant each day,
Life is creating a better world in which to stay.

Marc and Meghan and Band

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