Benefits of Worker Bees

“The bee is more honored than any other animals, not because she labors but because she labors for others.” ~ St John Chrysostom

When I read this quote, it made me think how we human beings need to wake up and smell the roses! How about those who are laboring and contributing in very important ways for the benefit of others?

Women and men in all branches of the military service, individuals who provide charity and minister to our spiritual needs, those who put themselves in danger to protect our security, people working in the wellness field and educators all deserve to be highly honored. By the very nature of their work, those individuals lighten the burdens of others.

Did you know you can be a bee savior and help feed bees who are hungry? It’s important that bees be kept alive to pollinate our food supply. 

Come along with me to see some bees at work in this video.


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