Benefiting Well Being

Coming to faith remains for all a sense of homecoming, of picking up the threads…..taking a place at the table that had been long vacant.” ~ Malcolm Muggeridge

A few weeks ago my childhood friend, a stained glass artist, and I were vendors at a country fair. It was a nice festival with wonderful live music, wine tastings and other activities which brought in the crowds. For me there was a very unexpected benefit that went beyond the opportunity to sell my publications and other handcrafted stitched items. It became like another “homecoming day!” Childhood friends from my neighborhood I hadn’t seen for nearly fifty years came by. What fun it was to visit and reconnect!

When I acted out of faith and decided to write a memoir, never did I expect the publication to take me on the journey that has included a return to the place of my roots – Baltimore County.

As the fair day came to an end I pondered over how heartwarming it was to see old friends who were also a very active part of my childhood “church family.” Some talk of having an even larger gathering has presented! I’m grateful to be back in a place where I don’t mind returning to because of the wonderful memories it’s always held for me. I’m blessed because not everyone can say that about the place and the family they grew up with.

In my award-winning memoir and in an essay I wrote for a book contest called The House That Built Me

(Sue’s story) is the essence of what made my childhood so special.

For information on Sue Batton Leonard’s award-winning memoir, Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.

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