Holding Hands At Table


You can’t build a society just on interests, you need a sense of belonging. ~ Valery Giscard d’Estaing

Eating together was nearly a sacred act my siblings and I were held to daily by our parents. It gave me and my brothers and sister a strong sense of belonging.

Increasingly, I’ve seen websites cropping up which combine two interests that naturally draw people together – food and spirituality. It’s no secret food has a unifying effect. Where there is food, there WILL be people. Don’t ever doubt!

Recently I had an interesting discussion with a group of people who had different opinions about what could be at the root of the ills of today’s society. We discussed the premise that perhaps people have become empty vessels because what used to be basic tenents of family life, dining together and spirituality, is disappearing or missing.

Research has shown how children benefit from eating regularly with family or people who represent the feelings that come with a strong family unit. Connection, improved self-esteem and good communication skills about things that matter are developed from something as easy as eating together. Next time you are tempted by “grab and go” think about what might be accomplished by gathering at home rather than eating on the run.

Grace Table invites people to come to the table for fellowship and sustenance (or is it sustainance?) It’s a tricky and fulfilling word to spell no matter how you put it.  It means nourishment and support.  Further note – support from others also nourishes us!

Now there is another on-line way of communicating about faith and food and it includes recipes which become the basis of the on-line discussion. How about them apples? It’s an open invitation to come, gather on-line and see what’s behind the recipes!

Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected, an award-winning memoir has an entire chapter about how gathering around the family table for dinner used to take precedence in my home and in most homes during the baby boom era. What’s brought to the the family table besides food is important to kids development.






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