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Back to School – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Back to School



I’m excited! It’s back to school for me too. I just enrolled in some on-line learning. As a writer this course might be handy. I’ll be studying Classic Children’s Literature in a nine lecture series. Stories that withstand the test of time have lessons to teach both the reader and a writer. Just a few narratives we will be taking a close look at are The Snow Queen, Aesops Fables, Beauty and the Beast, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Stories of Beatrix Potter and A.A. Milne, Treasure Island and The Wind in the Willows are also among them.

Learning can be done at my leisure and students can chose to be quizzed on the content or not.

The course is offered free of charge from an educational institution which includes in their mission statement teaching character education, principles of faith and freedom. Take that as you will but, I see their goals as encouraging students in a life of self -governance and happiness.

Lifelong learning is a good thing even if  a baby boomers memory is not quite as crisp and clear as it used to be.

And, honestly, on this 2nd day of back to school for many children, in this current climate, everything is kind of foggy.

A special thank you to artist Cheryl Eng for giving me permission to include in my post this image of her art called “Day Dreamer.” The medium is digital photography incorporating photo manipulation. For more information on her art, please visit her website.

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