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Back Burner Stuff

I never had clear thoughts of a career path.  So, my liberal arts education lead me to doing anything that I felt was what I had to do responsibly, what I thought I could do or needed to do and was supposed to do. Sound familiar? The “what I thought I might want to do” always got put on the back burner for exploration some other time…not sure when…not now …later!

Once the prime of my life came and went I had a nagging it was time to do life a little differently – something creative rather than go through anymore not particularly satisfying work.

Fast forward to when I ventured into something different –  the arts – writing and publishing.

My first creative writing endeavor started about twelve years ago with becoming blog mistress for AllThingsFulfilling.com. Then my memoir earned me a few book awards.

Next I penned a book of fiction and became blogger for this website. It’s been quite a facinating journey and I’ve learned things about myself which I’d never known before. I’m positively positive I’m living a more personally fulfilling life which feels down-deep into the soul GOOD!

So here’s what I’m saying:

Last week during one of my walks I came across an old stone building,  part of Emmanuel Episcopal Church. I think it’s their Sunday School space. Above the door hangs a banner that says “We are wonderfully made.” – Psalms 13:9. The sign has an image of paints and paint brushes.

My message today is for people of all ages: As God’s children we all have creativity and it’s never too late to explore our God given gift. Inspiration comes through our lives in so many ways. Simply thinking outside the box and getting  off the tredmill of always doing what we have always done, our soul has opportunity to find our latent creativity which can be used to fill in the gaps where we feel unfulfilled.

Now is the time to think about whether some of the “I really need to dos” really have that much importance before stepping back into the same old rote patterns. Just sayin…

In the downtime during this pandemic I’ve started a new foray into a different type of writing. Part of it has involved teaching myself how to draw.. on more patience and practice…..and with the help of Alphonso Dunn videos.




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