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Awareness Walking

For  those who frequent SowtheHeart.com loyally, you are aware how important walking is to me for fitness of spirit and physical health.

The other day I took my car for an oil change and tune up. Because of virus restrictions it was not possible to sit and wait for the car to be serviced. So, I took the opportunity to walk parts of my new community that I had only whizzed by in the car. What a delightful time I had! The perspective is so different when seen on foot. All kinds of things I hadn’t intensely looked at here-to-fore drew my close attention such as architectural details – historical windows, interesting angles, spires and clocktowers. I took time to look in courtyards and over fences and walls. There is so much lovely in this town!

When life slows we are more apt to take time to notice the little things. This is a special period of time which has brought clarity to many people. Taking life at too fast a pace had affected our American perspectives and values in unattractive ways.

Have you decided you are going to draw some new boundary lines in your life to keep from getting overwhelmed again?

Top three photos: First Presbyterian Church, Bel Air, MD

Bottom three photos: Harford Mutual Life Insurance Co., Bel Air, MD.

The two landmarks sit side by side. Makes sense to me!  Researchers have discovered our longevity is tied to our physical health as well as our mental and spiritual health.  There is no getting around it. Mind, body and spirit are all connected.

Somehow as I looked up at the symmetry in the clocktower of the Harford Mutual Life Insurance Company  I felt hopeful that with this time of enforced rest due to the pandemic, our country’s citizens might be putting right order back into their lives. Only time will tell.

Collage Photos: All collage shots were taken at Emmanuel Episcopal Church (circa 1896). Bel Air, MD.



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  1. Historic Bel Air, Maryland is such a gorgeous town! So many architectural gems and a wonderful walkable town. It has an such a nice friendly vibe with darling quiant shops and restaurants and a real sense of community spirit. Love it!

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