Making A Difference In The Lives Of Others

Artful Giving

“It’s that heart of gold and stardust soul that make you beautiful.” ~r.m. broderick

Happy 2020, everybody! This is a great good news story to start out a New Year and a new decade. It’s about an artist, Chula Beauregard. She is so deeply committed to her art and her career has blossomed. She was a Peace Corp volunteer earlier in life and has always found ways to contribute to the world in meaningful ways through her art of living. Her heart for giving back is not a new development.  She and her husband are raising their two little boys so thoughtfully no doubt they will come to understand the importance of altruistic giving.

Her most recent soul work is at the Yampa Valley Medical Center and it’s an artistic demonstration of love and compassion. She has painted a mural in the blood draw unit for pediatric patients. Her legacy painting will be enjoyed for many years to come by  children and their parents who accompany them to the hospital.

To read the full story from the Steamboat Pilot newspaper, please visit this link.

As a child, I spent many an hour in the hospital and in and out of doctors offices. I surely would have appreciated art decorating the spaces rather than staring at sterile white walls only adding to any anxiety I may have been feeling. Now many, many decades beyond my “pioneering” heart surgery,   research has shown the healing powers of art.

A few years ago I wrote about Chula in an article called Summer Reflection.  To learn more about her art, please  visit her website. I cheerfully post another blog for Chula today out of my love for how she artfully gives back!

“When we get to the end of our life, the question playing over and over in our mind will be,

“Did my life make a difference?”

 Brian Fleming, Your Life Matters

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