Art With Heart

Art at the Center of Heart

“A dolls ability to uplift the human spirit can be immeasurable.”  ― Gayle Wray

Over the past year, art has lead me out of some gloomy places when dealing with sadness that comes with the loss of two parents within a very short period. In mid-November I attended an art show at Zoll Studio School of Fine Art. Over 800 works of faculty and their students were exhibited for a three day period.

Above Photo: Matt Zoll with some of his oil paintings

One of the most surprising elements of the show came when I entered into a private, leased studio space. There, front and center, was a large canvas which transported me back to my childhood. The subjects in the composition were colorful and whimsical dolls of all kinds.  My smile grew larger and brighter as I walked the room viewing more paintings with mannequin subjects. The artist and I had an interesting exchange discussing her paintings. “I go to doll shows in search of my subjects,” she said. I could tell by the delight in her voice it brings her much pleasure. After I left the show, I reflected further on the large painting. Through the ages, when it fits an artist’s fancy they’ve included dolls and other toys in their compositions. I’ve noticed such in the canvases of one of the greatest master painters of our time, Richard Schmid.

Dale Carnegie once said “The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.”  The event at  Zoll Studio School of Fine Art brought big time enjoyment to this viewer.  Return on January 7th for the next blog in this series of three posts. Information about the art programs for young children at Zoll Studio School of Fine Arts will be the next subject.

Above: A living doll taking in the art of the evening with her parents.

Note: Due to the large volume of paintings and artists I met at the exhibit I have not included the names of the artists or the titles because I do not want to risk any mix-ups. If you are interested in any of the works of art I photographed (with permission!), please contact Matt Zoll of He can probably steer you to the name of the artist or provide additional information.


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