Meads Collage Of Memorabilia

Ancestral Tapestries

It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.Simone Signoret

“Holy Moly!” I exclaimed as I sorted through a treasure trove of material my brother Scott came across while cleaning out my parents attic. But my brother didn’t hear me. He had already gone out the door and about his business, not fully understanding the value of what he had given me.

Several hours later I called Scott on the telephone, “Do you have any idea what this means to me? And not only that, it’s a little spooky! I am coming across stuff that validates what I’ve already woven into the story’s tapestry with only scanty threads to back it. The letters, photos and other keepsakes strengthen the fabric of the narrative.” By the tone in my voice he had to have known how excited I was.

The next morning Scott text messaged me “I’m just checking in to make sure you haven’t had a coronary from media overload.”

“Still alive and kickin’ but my mind is in overdrive as I think about the importance of the new material to incorporate into my legacy story!” my reply read.

This is what I’ve prayed about each time I’ve hit an impasse and needed a breakthrough in my writing and my genealogy research. What was contained in the box of family keepsakes from several generations back also explains my lifelong love of all things books!



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