There Is A Season

A Season & A Reason

If ever there  was a reason to sew a puffy heart, Valentines Day was the perfect day to get started.  Yesterday I put my foot to the electric pedal treadle, and the machine took off. Like a dog pursuing it’s own tail, round and round went the bobbin, the spool of thread and the handwheel.

Here’s the result. It’s all made with scraps and has flaws just like me.
Theres a reason3My Valentines stitching was a practice project but who knows… someday something much larger might be sewn together. I’m working up to it.

My crafting released all tension and I had fun creating. Then I moved into the kitchen to make my Valentine a special vanilla cake jelly roll with chocolate whipped cream filling and strawberries on top. It was yummy!There is a reason 4 dessert jelly roll

I missed our other Valentine, our dear son, but the empty nest syndrome is sometimes a blessing. It gives more time to create and follow my interests.

Besides, I’m delighted to say our son has found his true love and they are busy planning a wedding! She’s going to make a delightful daughter-in-law and a wonderful addition to our family.

Life is Grand!

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