Botanical Watercolor Dogwood

A Ray of Light

Happiness depends upon ourselves. ~ Aristotle

Yesterday, on the last Sunday of January, a bleak, sunless day, I rose early as usual and went to church at 8 am. While I was out and about I decided what I really needed next was to see a little hope of spring.  Remembering a walk I had taken a few years ago with Grace at The Cylburn Arborteum, I decided to head  over. Although the weather did not improve and the gardens were barren outside, the prize was inside! The Vollmer Center displayed pert botanical watercolor paintings and pencil sketches.

Artists exhibiting work included Duffy Askin, Robin Rosenthal, Elena Maza Borkland, Hildegaard, Molly O. Hoopes, as well as Wendy W. Cortesi. Some years ago Cortesi was commissioned by First Lady Barbara Bush to paint twelve original watercolors showing the annual plant-life cycle at Camp David in western Maryland.

When I visited “The Cylburn” previously on an early autumn day with my sister-in-law, the historic mansion which sits on the hill looked like a lovely Victorian lady surrounded by a huge wreath of fall flowers entwining her feet.  Completely enamored, I wrote about my unexpected feelings. If you wish to see some photos of this beautiful green space just inside the city limits of Baltimore in another season, please visit  A Place of Beauty and Reflection  posted  on

I look forward to visiting The Cylburn Arboretum again in the next season when God’s incredible show begins it’s spring opening.

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