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A Nationwide Quilting Bee


Indeed we are living in unique times. For the first time ever Independence Day parades might be out of the question due to social distancing. Virtual? Maybe or the National Cathedral’s  “We The People” concert at llam EST will be on-line on the 4th of July for your listening pleasure! There are some impressive entertainers in the line-up. Here is some information.

This morning in celebration of independence I invite you to commit to joining in on a continual National Quilting Bee – a crafting opportunity unlike any other.

You don’t need any experience behind a sewing machine. Stitch a patch of kindness through your words and/or actions which displays your individual commitment to help bring unity and mend our country.

What else is needed? A strong supportive voice for equality in America. Show your patriotic and kind spirit in an admirable, non-violent way! Stand tall for cornerstone virtues that you strongly believe in. Find other kindred spirits and stand together in a cause important to Americans. Show:

  • Courage
  • Hospitality
  • Justice
  • Wisdom
  • Hope
  • Gratitude
  • Love

Do whatever feels right and good to make others feel warmly secure as citizens of the United States or in your own neighborhood. This proposed ongoing National Quilting Bee gives equal opportunity to all to be part of a solution of stitching wholeness and wellness.

Our country’s fabric is finely textured with diversity. When we use our hearts and souls to bind us together in unity rather than ripping one another into shreds by judging or criticizing we can all make a difference in unique and independent ways. Use your words and/or actions for a better day.


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