Cant Get You Out Of My Head

A Child’s Recollection

One good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters. ~George Herbert

One day the dear old lady who had taken Moxie under her wing as an young adult and given her a place to live, took her to a community playhouse to see Cinderella. As Moxie watched the performance she thought, every young child should have a fairy tale existence. 

Now an adult, Moxie wondered how could one foster mother could be so different than the other? Several of hers were wicked yet while living with her favorite she felt like she was the star character in the performance. It had nothing to do with what the woman owned, but everything to do with how she made Moxie feel.

Did Moxie dare dream of someday becoming a mother? If so, she vowed never to let her difficult past be reflected in her children.

To learn more about Moxie, the central character in Sew the Heart, Sue Batton Leonard’s new publication, visit this site.

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