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A Brighter Day

“Let light shine out of darkness.” ~ Anonymous

March will forever be a difficult month for our family. A year ago in March we lost both parents within 23 days of one another. They both relocated to Heaven.

A few weeks ago, I thought about how my siblings and I and our families are not looking forward to the month of March. I decided rather than mourn the long month, I’d find something to illuminate.

Our parents would like nothing more than to see us all gather and enjoy each others company. So that’s what we are doing. I designated a date and tonight I’m going to host a pot luck supper. “The simpler, the better, folks!” I wrote on the invitation, “anything goes!”  The focus will be on the gathering and not culinary finesse. Of course, it’s easy for me to advocate for nothing fancy since among my siblings I’m only one more Presbyterian Coffee Cake away from being designated The Queen of Comfort Food! (Yes, I do have a recipe passed down from my mom for Presbyterian Coffee Cake and yes, I do occasionally make it. It’s real simple.)

We will raise a glass, retell the same ole “Battoney” stories as we always do when we gather. That’s bound to keep things light and bright. The first anniversary of the loss of our parents will pass, but memories of our family life with our parents will shine bright forever!

Last but not least,

To our “salt of the earth” family of friends – thanks for keeping our light lit

during the dark days over the past year. It has meant so much.

Day Light Savings Time is Here! 

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