Carter And Habitat

Plainly Devoted

If we can teach our children to honor nature’s gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.”Jimmy Carter (1924 -)

hands in prayerI traveled westward from a yearly visit with my family on the East Coast and stopped in Americus and Plains, Georgia, the birthplace of President Carter.  As I sat having breakfast before visiting the historic sites I glanced at the couple being served beside me and witnessed a beautiful gesture, which is infrequently seen publically in America anymore. A man and woman, dressed in their “Sunday Best” had their heads bowed quietly saying the blessing before digging into big plates of food in front of them.

My understanding of plain and simple values of our ex-President came clear as I visited the hometown and farm where Jimmy Carter was born and raised.

Carter Homestead and Farm

Photo Above: President Carter’s boyhood homestead and farm

Photo Below:  President Jimmy Carter’s Plains, Georgia values.

carter plains values


Carter legacy of outdoors learning

Above photo:  Farm Boy and his wife Rosalyn

Carter painting

Above photo: Creative side of a President

Displays in the wonderful museum located in Plains High school where President Carter was educated as well as Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Discovery Center in Americus exhibit information about the inspiring work President and Mrs. Carter have devoted themselves to beyond the presidential years. I have much admiration for the global, humanitian work of the two of them.

Carter and Habitat

Above photo: Inspiring Wholesome Values

Carter farm growing Lincoln heirloom seeds

Above photo: Growing heirloom Lincoln Cushaw Squash seeds in Carter’s boyhood homestead farm fields.

As I drove onward, I thought about the birthplace of Calvin Coolidge in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, the only other presidental homestead I have visited.  Another striking example of a common man, raised in a rural environment, who became President and made his mark on American history. If you’ve never visited a National Historic Site of a U.S. President, I’d encourage you to do it at least once in a lifetime!

National historic sites

Photo: National Park Service banner at Carter Farm, Plains, Georgia.

Visit America first! Wonderful sites to see across the heartlands of our country!

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