Balanced Rocks

Keep on Rockin’ It

Learn in a storm

My eighty-eight and ninety-one year old parents have always been pillars of strength and vigor. However, a few months ago things began to crumble when health issues they’d never here-to-fore had to face confronted them and our entire family unit.

Six weeks ago things were looking much more ominous, however, there’s been a brightening of outlook and spirits. My siblings and I have learned my parents are even stronger than we all thought! They keep on keepin’ on, facing challenge after challenge the best way they know how.

Although I wish the course of events hadn’t occurred, God has given us a blessing – time and a chance to regroup and plan for the day when the matriarch and the patriarch are no longer at the foundation of the family. That day will come eventually but most likely the end of life is not imminent by any stretch. The medical community has been so supportive in helping my parents see that.

Because of the strong foundation our parents have set, as a family we will keep on keepin’ on, even if the family dynamic is different. I find strength in that thought.

balanced rocks

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