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It’s Only A Season – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Autumn Tones

It’s Only A Season

It’s funny how our perspectives on life change with the weather, isn’t it?

“I hate it,” I heard a woman at the grocery store say to her friend this morning.  “The season is here. There’s less sun, it gets dark out so early, the colors have faded and I can feel my SAD kickin’ in.”

Her friend tried to jolly her along. “Well, on the nice days, make sure you get outside and bask in the sun. Even if you have to wrap up. It will help. And remember, it’s only a season, it’s not for the rest of your life.You’ll perk up when spring arrives.”

” Yeah, call me up and remind me of that every once in a while this winter, will ya? ” said the sad one to her friend.

“Ok, I will,  and remember what we talked about this time last year.~”





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