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In the days leading up to Christmas, my twin sister came for a visit to check out my new “hood.” Admittedly, as young people both of us had gotten the wrong impression of the town in which I am now living for a very “lame reason,” to use a term this generation of young people use frequently. You see, people in the Baltimore area have their own unique “Bawlmorese” dialect and because of the way the town has been so often mispronounced, to be quite candid, I never thought it was a place I’d ever want to frequent never mind a place I’d want to reside.

Now as adults, she and I now understand how “lame” we were in making suppositions about a place we knew nothing about just because we’ve heard the name of the town so frequently garbled. Like me, she was pleasantly surprised at what she saw. She liked the vibe in the historic Main Street downtown and thought the surrounding neighborhoods were swell, as were the two restaurants we visited. I took her to some of the places I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in the short time of  living here. The town’s strong faith-based community agrees with my values as well as their focus on the arts and their entrepreneurial spirit.

So, the moral nutshell of this story is quite evident – making baseless assumptions. All we humans tend to do this from time to time and it is not complimentary to a fulfilling way to live.

As I do at the start of every new year, I’m making a pact with myself to improve on various ways of thinking. “It’s the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth.” ~ Fred Rogers

Return soon!

The next story on will be about how we can build on improving relationships in our neighborhoods and in our own personal worlds.

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