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A Simple Shift – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Note To Self

A Simple Shift

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~Leonardo diVinci

How often have we looked at something and said “It’s so beautiful because it’s so simple” or “What a simple concept, why didn’t I think of that?”

We human beings tend to complicate things all of our own doing. Ever thought about that? Well I have. And hey, I am as guilty as my neighbor when I look back at my life and just think about how often I’ve made mountains out of molehills.

If you’ve ever cleaned out a person’s things after they’ve passed onto the next life, Oscar Wilde’s concept that “we live in an age where unnecessary things are our only necessities,” the true value of what’s really essential in life becomes pretty clear! That’s not to say we shouldn’t indulge in some degree in things if they make us happy – we all need a little soul food now and again otherwise life is not worth living.

There are many articles written about “clearing out” – giving way to the old and making room for the new.  They are worthy of consideration. If you have something that is holding you back from moving forward and starting down a new path in life, rather than step up the pace, slow down and re-assess what brings true deep-down personal fulfillment, far below all the “window dressing.”

Is it just me or have you noticed common threads among many people who are considering how we need to weigh our living habits and values for better balance in our families, society and our world?

Has making a shift been on your mind lately?


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