Sowing Next Generation

  “Children touch all of our lives. We all have the opportunity to sow seeds into the next generation…” – Victoria Osteen Although I am not a highly accomplished seamstress I can find plenty of projects that match my abilities. The joy I feel with each completed project makes me grateful my son gave me […]

Claimed the Calm

  Have you noticed any positive change in your life in this challenging pandemic environment? I feel as if I’ve tolerated it well. All things considered. But seeing the humor has been critical. For me personally the previous ten or twelve years were so chock- a- block full with all things writing and publishing there […]

Laying Down Key Words

  ” …a nation not broken, just simply unfinished…” – Amanda Gordon – American poet Oh how beautifully meaningful the words of poetress Amanda Gordon were at the Inauguration ceremony of the 46th President of the United States. Her countenance shone as brightly as her intellect and influence. Amanda Goodman’s words “not broken, just simply […]