2021: Clocking In

What a lovely thought! Let’s believe it. I’ve been pondering healing and beauty. Do we want to fundamentally go back to life the way it was before the pandemic? In truth, the world climate wasn’t all that pretty. I hope out of upheaval a more unified national and global model is being created for the […]

Adjusting for the Next Season

So, have you put away your lightweight wear and filled your dresser drawers with heavier? I have. I like the seasonal changes in clothes. In digging out my closet I found my collection of CDs which I’d given up for gone. I don’t have many but those I have I adore and have very carefully […]

Strengthens Community

 Sunday Noon in the Garden: “Bloom from Within” Decoupage Journal Cover and Photo © Sue Batton Leonard Site Location of Photo: Ladew Topiary Gardens Happy Sunday, Everyone! When I moved to my new place of residence one of the first individuals I met is a wonderful example of having a charitable heart. In my opinion […]

Expressions Noted

  As I walk my neighborhood every morning I’ve continued to see more  signs of creativity appearing on doors, windows and sidewalks made by little children. Thumbs up to all the pictures of rainbows, hearts, crosses, sunshine and other positive indicators which bring smiles and encouragement. Today,  I’d like to say thanks to Alaina for […]

Homemade Happiness

Attention baby boomers and the next generations! We are all in this together, so I have you and me in mind in today’s post. Wouldn’t it be a fabulous thing if the U.S. of A. could climb the ranks of the ladder of satisfaction and be up there with those countries that are at the […]