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Wellness: Creature Companions


Our perfect companions never have less than four feet. ” – Unknown

Our furry friends, we fall deeply and hopelessly in love with them. They watch over us, unknowingly and endearingly do things to make us laugh and they are very perceptive about how we humans are feeling.

Losing our beloved pets can be devastating. After all, they become family.  A few weeks ago I introduced you to Good Grief, Kitty©! !! A gift to bring a smile to those trying to hold on to memories of their beloved felines.

Now there is a companion for canine lovers. Today we’d like to introduce you to Good Grief, Pup-Pup©!!! Like it’s kitty friend it’s a token of folk art from SowtheHeart.com, made perfectly imperfect just like all of us.

According to medical research, pets and humor increase our longevity. So Good Grief, Kitty© !!! and Good Grief, Pup-Pup©!! have silly stitched faces which are meant to bring a smile.

If you are interested in Good Grief, Kitty© or Good Grief, Pup-Pup©!! contact us through this website.

(This sample Good Grief, Pup-Pup ©!!! is in the doghouse for chewing up his owner’s favorite hat and blanket!.” But, not all pup-pups are remembered for their mischievous actions.)



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