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Valentines Day 2022

Although it is soon to be Valentine’s Day, I’m reflecting back on an early Christmas present which  arrived during the Advent Season. It was a rare handwritten note from my favorite child, (my son and my only child) expressing how much fun it has been to see me in my new role as a grandmother (a very young-at-heart grandmother, if I may make an edit) and about our wonderful Xmas together in October. To me, the gift was priceless as well as the time spent with my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter in October.

As a published memoirist and fiction writer, I am inviting anyone in to share my heart through my writing – my likes, my dreams and what I truly believe in. With each reader, I am stitching together a relationship between us and my stories. Writing and publishing has been a path I have chosen for myself. I happen to love it and you too, reader!

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day. Share your heart through your favorite medium of art, even if it is just by way of healthy dabbling!


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