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The Well-Fed Heart – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Produce 2

The Well-Fed Heart

I arrived at the Bel Air Farmers Market at 7:30 am a few weeks ago. It’s the first time I have been since I moved to this community.  There were already people who had done their shopping and were on their way out laden down with produce and other agricultural products. It was then I remembered most people at farmer’s markets come with their own reusable bags, rather than use a lot of plastics. Back to the car I went to get what I had tucked away for instances just like this. One weekend when I was still living in the community of lovely Mays Chapel, they gave eco-friendly tote bags out at church.

Well, to make a longer story a little shorter, here is the gist of it! I came home with breakfast – a chocolate croissant AND a mini-heart shaped pound cake. Add to that a banana and a cup of tea. That’s breakfast. This girl was happy. But I got so wrapped up in the veggies, I forgot to get fruit! Thankfully I had a little bit at home already.

There were so many fabulous choices and these photos were only a small part of it! There will be more to come throughout the summer, I am sure. I will return many times over. It was the best and largest farmers market I have been to for quite some time, and it’s still early on in the summer.




I am feeling so very grateful! The good news is that I am living in an agriculturally rich area where local produce is so bountiful. One of my favorite things to do is to take joy rides to see the beautiful landscapes and farms where the food is grown.  Thank you God, for everything!

Bringing Home the Bounty

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