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A few weeks ago I completed a freelance editing project for a client who wanted to publish a story of  an ancestor. As I read the story, I was struck by the work ethic of this man who was born in 1897 and lived until 1986. He was a craftsman – a bricklayer by trade. Evident throughout his journals was the story he told of the lengths people of his generation went to to help others find work and the obligation he and his peers felt to be there for others in need.  The kind of stick-to-it-iveness, persistence, resilience, leadership and uncompromising value he placed on the quality of his craft was often astounding and reflective of his generation.

Several generations after the time when this man lived, it is almost inconceivable to see the kind of determination this man displayed of his transient existence so he could find a job and keep food on the table for himself and others and the willingness to help out a neighbor or family member. His story told the story of the greatest generation.

It is my belief that by sharing our ancestors’ stories we can inspire others. I’d heard the same kinds of narratives from my grandparents who lived during the same time period.  Many of their stories of tenacity might seem unfathomable to other generations.

Do you think stories of others plight is helpful? I’d love your feedback. Please present your comments in a positive way so they may be helpful rather than harmful.

“Your purpose in life is to use your gifts and talents to help other people. Your journey in life teaches you how to do that.” ~ Tom Krause


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