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Works in Progress – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
11 Let Go Stress

Works in Progress

Do you like feelings of uncertainty or do you like to know everything that is going to happen right down to the minuet second it will take place? Sure, for obvious reasons, some things have to be planned but not always down to every last detail. Having flexibility can go a long way in reducing stress.  I’ve come to accept life comes with plot switches.

Nothing taught me to become more flexible than when I became a mother. It seemed not a thing went according to my vision for each day. And then when I became a writer, I learned to let go of the reins of the story and let spontaneous development happen. So obviously, I am not a meticelus plotter and planner when I write.

Doesn’t if often seem like just when we think we are in control, an unplanned life event comes our way? How do you get through them?

I try to remember life is not static. “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” ~ John Maxwell


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  1. Love your words of “life”, Sue! Your posts need a LOVE button! It helps to find encouraging words – makes life a bit less stressful!

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